You Don’t Have To Resort To This For Privacy Protection

I’ve always loved The Onion for their brilliantly biting sarcasm on every issue from politics to dating.

But I wanted to share this video with you because it drives home a lie you’ve been fed about privacy protection.

A lot of people… ignorant people… have shouted from the rooftops for years that “privacy in America is dead” … but don’t you fall for the rhetoric.

Yes, privacy can be difficult if you don’t know the tricks and sometimes inconvenient – but dead?

No. At least not yet.

And to make matters worse, a lot of business owners and ordinary folks today don’t value their privacy until it’s too late.

Heed my words: The more successful you are in business and in life, the hungrier the eyes watching you from the darkness.

Most of the privacy claptrap out there is rigged by shameless fear mongers, crazies hiding out in some RV in the middle of nowhere, and special interest groups to confuse and overwhelm – leaving you paralyzed not knowing who to trust or what to do.

Services like LifeLock fuel the fire by promising “identity theft prevention and protection” when in reality all their eRecon service does is a few periodic automated searches of “known criminal websites” desperately groping for clues to thieves trading your information.

Now c’mon… do you really believe today’s computer-savvy identity thieves are going to openly trade your information via a public website scanned by LifeLock? Geez…

What’s more is if you notice on the LifeLock website, most of their “customer success stories” focus on people who ALREADY had their identity stolen… and LifeLock rushed in to “save the day.” Read between the lines and you’ll realize LifeLock only sortof helps after the fact and charges you a smooth $110 per year for the privilege.

Well, plain common sense should tell you:

None of this should ever happen to you in the first place!

Thieves should’ve never had your home address in the first place, they should’ve never had access to your mail in the first place, and they DEFINITELY should’ve never had access to your bank account.

It is our goal at The Legal Secrets Report to lay out a clear plan of action to help you take back control of your private life and protect your money from those who have nothing else better to do than leech off the success of others.

Good examples of these leeches are lawyers, insurance companies, government agencies (especially the IRS), and ordinary criminals… Not to mention the occasional jealous ex-lover or vengeful employee.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, consider yourself lucky. But if you don’t think it could ever happen to you, let your little inner voice of wisdom whisper into your ear:

Don’t be so sure. Don’t be so sure. Don’t be so sure.

Since all it takes is one “good” privacy breach… one roll of the dice to ruin your life for years… sometimes forever… I would feel better if I at least played a small part in helping you be prepared for whatever threats may come.

That’s why our resident privacy expert, Joe Decameron, created The Perfect Privacy Solution. Consider it your “one stop shop” for a comfortable, private lifestyle off the radar.

And you won’t have to move to a remote village to make it happen :)

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