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How To Sue Telemarketers For A Big Payday

July 4th, 2009

callerIf you ever need a cash boost to the tune of a few grand and feel particularly vengeful, suing those annoying telemarketers could be your ticket to a big payday.

Even after years of court cases and legislation, those guys are still out there calling us in the middle of dinner about some Extended Warranty Program or other such scammy nonsense. So why not turn life’s lemons into lemonade?

After all, what they’re doing really is illegal as long as:

a) they’re automated, recorded messages to your home or cell phone
b) they don’t state their name at the beginning of the message
c) they don’t leave their phone number or address
d) they called a number on the National Do Not Call List, and…
e) they didn’t provide a written copy of their Do Not Call List maintenance policy

Most people just yell at them or make useless complaints to the FCC. But you’re better than that. You’re a reader (and hopefully subscriber) of The Legal Secrets Report.

I’ll show you how to bite back with some real teeth, do society a favor, and get paid for your troubles.

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