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How To Bypass Customer Service Peons

July 5th, 2009
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phoneserviceIf you’ve ever been trapped on a customer service phone call with a rep who couldn’t help himself out of a paper bag, then your salvation is only as far away as The Legal Secrets Report.

After surviving countless calls into the endless labyrinth of “voice mail hell” and waiting 45 minutes to talk to a real person you feel like you deserve at least some restitution.

But since most business’ customer service calls are handled by low-level employee peons, or worse, outsourced to some bargain basement in India, they simply don’t have the power (much less the motivation) to provide any meaningful assistance.

This is where the Executive Customer Service Staff comes into play. What most people don’t realize is a lot of companies have a higher, “Rolls-Royce” level of elite customer service ninjas ready, willing and able to cut through all the bullshit red tape – straight to direct action.

Oftentimes, getting to these people is simply a matter of knowing what to say and who to say it to.

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Nevada Corporations: Myth vs Reality

June 30th, 2009
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nevadaYou may have heard a lot about Nevada billed as the ultimate solution for incorporation. In theory, it sounds great – asset protection, privacy protection, and tax benefits all rolled into one.

Unfortunately, most of the people still pushing this concept either have outdated information or are trying to con you out of some extra fees.

In recent years, the state has taken quite a beating. It’s not the do-all end-all it once was.

Usually when people want to form a Nevada corporation, they’re after these benefits:

1. To save on state income taxes, and/or
2. To conceal ownership of the company

Sometimes people also say they want their Nevada corporation because of the state’s excellent entity laws or they want to utilize what’s called a “series LLC.”

On the surface these sound like great reasons, but the reality reveals a dangerous half-truth. To really understand if a Nevada corporation is right for you, we need to look at each of the benefits in more detail.

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