Never again feel like a helpless victim when dealing with lawyers…

“Give Me 3 Days And I’ll Show You 297 Legal Tricks To Outsmart And Avoid Greedy Lawyers, Annoying Creditors, And Pushy Government Goons…”


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Finally a breakthrough in HONEST HELP you’ve long deserved from the legal profession – so you can stop “running scared” – so you can protect your rights, avoid traps, stop getting cheated, and safely handle your legal affairs with rock-solid confidence – This is the INSIDE TRACK for the American who is…

  • SICK & TIRED of rip-off lawyers who charge you insane fees for jobs that drag on forever and can never get a STRAIGHT ANSWER when you call their office to ask for help or get a quote…
  • FED UP with a tax and legal system that’s rigged against you before you even begin to raise money, invest, or start a new business…
  • ALWAYS SEARCHING for the “unfair advantage” that helps you live a peaceful life ON YOUR TERMS while quietly building a stockpile of hidden wealth

Yes! One of the biggest secrets to building wealth is not to make more money, but KEEP MORE OF WHAT YOU’VE ALREADY GOT!

  • NOW YOU CAN… free yourself from the stranglehold lawyers have over your affairs, and get top-notch help WITHOUT paying an arm and a leg
  • NOW YOU CAN… put an ironclad lock on your money to save on taxes, keep the government OUT of your business, and stop most lawsuits before they even happen

No need to “buckle down” and study anything – simply crack open our new manual “How To Out-Swim The Sharks” to any page and you will have an INSTANT, ACTIONABLE plan you can use right away to…

TAKE BACK CONTROL of your life, FORTIFY your assets and PROTECT them from those greedy bastards!

It’s an unfair, dirty fact that in today’s world you’re just one wrong move away from losing most, if not ALL your hard earned cash to some jackass who decides to take you to court for “tripping and falling” on your property… sipping the wrong drink… tasting the wrong food… or even faking a whip-lash… all for a quick buck!

I knew a colleague who sued for $250,000 over a snide remark some poor bastard made about his wife at a party…

I remember the Wall Street Journal story of the old man with terminal cancer – kicked out of his home – left for dead by IRS goons over a tiny tax bill…

Then there was that judge who recently sued his dry cleaner for $54 million… over a pair of PANTS…

These are NOT isolated events. Happens so often now it’s become back-page news. All it takes is ONE angry employee… ONE pissed off vendor… ONE greedy customer… And if that’s not rotten enough, the U.S. government has a nasty little trick called “Civil Assets Forfeiture” which seizes the property of over 2 MILLION Americans each year.

Would you ever sue a street bum? Of course not! What are you going to get out of him? The government and lawyers think the same way when targeting businesses. If you have any kind of visible, tangible wealth at all, you are playing with fire. They want a good return on their time and investment as much as you and I do.

Government employees LOVE to make life hard for people like us… gives them something big to put on their resume

I know a guy who had an angry ex-employee file fake sexual harassment charges on him. When that didn’t work, the same ex-employee went to the state attorney general’s office with yet another made up story about how the company was laundering money.

Did the attorney general do their homework and check out the facts? Hell NO!

What they did instead was check to see how much the business owner had to lose… and then… only when they realized they were standing on a guaranteed GOLDMINE, decided to strike.

And how did they sweeten the deal? Simple….

The lawyers offered a BRIBE to split their $8.2 million “winnings” with the scheming ex-employee!

Geezus, what a crooked, jacked up system we live in today. Sometimes it seems like everybody and their dog is waiting at the gates, ready to clean your clock if you slip up even once.

So how did our hero solve this little problem? Just hire an awesome attorney, right?


You see, hiring a good attorney (or ANY attorney for that matter) is a little difficult when your bank accounts are already FROZEN… and your assets SEIZED…

Yep, imagine driving to work one day, thinking everything is fine, then pulling up to a shut down office, locks changed, bank closed, and your friends being grilled in a dark room by FBI goons out for blood…

…and since lawyers have this annoying habit of refusing to work for free, our friend had to resort to more ruthless measures. Tactics you’ll NEVER learn in books or on the internet… only in How To Outswim The Sharks do you get the real “straight from the gut” street-wise honest help you need based on REAL LIFE experience…

And by the way, when they freeze your assets, they go after EVERYTHING. They cancel your car insurance, the refund check is THEIRS. Your buddy owe you money? They nail him, too. That ring you gave your wife? Don’t you dare let them see it…

I call these sudden, life-altering events “Pearl Harbor Days” because when you wake up that morning, it’s a total ambush – your whole world is never the same again. We’ve tried to warn our buddies before their “Pearl Harbor Day”, but they always whine:

“But I’m Not Doing Anything Wrong!
What Do I Need So Much Protection For?”

And you know what? That’s my point exactly.

You see, it’s usually when you’re NOT doing anything wrong that you…

  • keep most of your money in the bank…
  • put your house and cars in your own name…
  • have everything visible and accessible… ripe for the picking…

And if that describes you, guess what? You’ll get slammed just like that guy did. You’ll get cleared out in one day just like that guy did… for no other reason than being an easy target to someone looking to help themselves to your pot of gold.

Hell, even if you WIN a lawsuit, it still costs you a boatload of bills, not to mention all the lost time and bad publicity for you and your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big multi-national corporation or a nice “mom & pop” shop… if you don’t know how to play “the game”, YOU (and your bank account) ARE A SITTING DUCK for greedy competitors, bad customers, jealous employees, and scam artists.

When Life Plays Unfair,
It’s Time YOU Slipped On A Pair Of Brass Knuckles Too!

A good lawyer helps, sure, but make the wrong moves, say the wrong things and even THEY stand waiting in the shadows to suck your wallet dry the moment you turn your back. Even worse when they do it, because you are trusting them to be your LIFELINE in a time of desperate need!

And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it… or… is there?

How To Outswim The Sharks manualWe’ve been there. After years of experience down in the trenches, fighting it out with the very best of ’em, now you understand exactly why we’ve written this new manual, called “How to Out-Swim The Sharks” – we’ve questioned every expert, poured over every detail until we had it all… YOUR PERSONAL GUIDE to finally get the power back in your hands where it belongs.

And best of all, the solutions are often surprisingly cheap and easy – we’ve already done all the dirty work for you…

Consider these just for starters:

  • the greedy, sneaky ways lawyers love to pad your bill – burn him back and get an HONEST total
  • 5 legal methods to stop suits against you right away
  • 6 techniques that will lower your legal bills, sometimes cutting them in half
  • why some investors will NEVER invest in C-corps and some never invest in LLC’s – what you need to know to get the money
  • afraid you’re in trouble? here’s the unpaid mystery guest you can bring to the meeting that causes even the most hot-headed lawyer to crack
  • how to read a lawyers wall diplomas – when to NOT be impressed
  • The insiders way to taking a deposition yet giving them nothing to use against you
  • 2 sneaky clauses lawyers leave out of contracts so they can sue later – turn the tables in YOUR favor with our methods
  • a DEADLY mistake companies make when they have several founders
  • THE most important quality in selecting a lawyer (especially when they all seem the same, and you need the very best working for you right now)
  • 2 ways to get the other party to pay your legal bills, free and clear
  • proven strategies for stopping government agencies from ruining your life
  • how to have your insurance company pay legal costs
  • how to tell when you really need a lawyer and which things you can quickly and easily handle yourself (this one alone saves you the whole cost of the manual)
  • A sure fire way to handle any business complaint so that it never gets worse
  • The cheapest way to get top-notch legal help
  • How to stop agencies cold and make you “untouchable” by bringing perjury charges
  • Use postal laws to stop nosy bureaucrats (why not use their own laws against them? …you’ll feel like the schoolyard bully forcing the nerd to hit himself with his own hand)
  • The almost “magic” significance of Friday’s and criminal charges
  • Perfectly legal ways to rig the jury in your favor (the best lawyers in the world are masters at this… let their secrets work for you)
  • Contracts and examples showing you exactly what you must know to get the upper hand and stay out of hot water
  • Scare your enemies away by using a lawyer to “negotiate” away your problems
  • 3 street smart ways to beat bill collectors
  • How to practically force government agencies to pay what they owe you within 30 days
  • A little trick we always use to make certain parts of our contracts “impossible” to read (you’ll love this one)… AND how to tell when this trick is being used on YOU
  • How to get rid of an IRS notice of federal tax lien
  • How to instantly prop yourself up with credit and cash the day AFTER filing bankruptcy
  • How to keep the very best lawyer’s from working for your competition to attack you (they’ll be forced to hire some sap straight out of law school while you have platinum-level protection)
  • Much, much more…

Which one of these Techniques Will Slash Your Lawyer Bills?

In How To Out-Swim The Sharks you will be given over twenty ways to reduce your legal bills. For example, you will see how to show your lawyer, in plain black and white that he is over-charging you. And then, you can put an end to it, starting tomorrow!

Three Methods To Do Away With Costly Retainers

It’s no secret. Lawyers love retainers. It’s their “up front” money and your headache. But now you can use the methods needed to eliminate these costly nuisances in almost all cases! And in the same chapter, you will discover THE three vitally important questions you must ask before hiring your own “shark.”

Product Review by Kevin Martin

“…saved me over $18,000”

[clipped from a longer e-mail]…they were the best attorneys around for the specialized work we needed done. But when I went in to talk to them, they quoted me some ridiculous $20,000 and change retainer fee before they’d even begin the proceedings. Well, I tried out that checkbook technique you talked about in the book and walked out of there with their full team behind us and only $2,000 out of my pocket. Unreal what they’re willing to do if you know how to ask.

Two Almost Unheard-Of Ways To Find Out If Your Lawyer Is Good

Forget asking another lawyer or a friend. They are the last to know! Two of the best sources will amaze you, and are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hiring the best gunslinger in town!

How To Stop Lawsuits Dead In Their Tracks…BEFORE They Happen And WITHOUT Settling!

We’ll show you, in PLAIN ENGLISH how to stop lawsuits, before or even after they have begun – hardcore methods that stop bureaucrats in their tracks and strategies that have been proven to quash regulatory agencies cold!

An example? If regulatory Agency A has a problem with you, find their busiest most swamped office (it’s easy when we show you where to look.) Hire a lawyer there using our techniques and have the case transferred. If the case doesn’t simply get lost in the shuffle, you will at least gain a HUGE delay and most likely get a much weaker and inexperienced attack on you and your business!

How To Stop Deal Killing Lawyers

The biggest problem in getting business deals done these days isn’t the government: it’s lawyers. Plain and simple, these people have mucked up more good deals and cost more people more time and money than we could possibly have room to describe here.

That’s why we give you 14 separate ways to put a lawyer – ANY lawyer – in his place. Deal killing lawyers can and should be a thing of the past for you! You’ll find you suddenly have a quiver full of arrows, a complete arsenal, to shoot these birds down time after time.

The REAL Way To Becoming Judgment Proof Used By Some Of The World’s Richest Businessmen Who Don’t Put Up With Legal Bullshit For Even One Minute

Do not be misled by books on this subject that promote to protect your assets but really are nothing more than promotional gimmicks for the authors to make them “look” like an expert. Here is your complete report on exactly how you can protect yourself from any – yes, ANY – creditor… even if a lawsuit has been filed and even if a judgment has been rendered against you!

Why pay for expensive malpractice insurance? Why spend sleepless nights worrying about creditors or potential lawsuits when this manual will show you in one hour exactly how the big boys and smart money play the game? America’s wealthiest families have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for this truly secret maneuver. And no, it’s not what you think.

You can kiss creditors and lawsuits goodbye with this stunningly brilliant move. Best of all, you can set it up yourself in no time or if you prefer we can also show you which lawyers are the best and least expensive to use.

Filing Bankruptcy Without Fear And So No One Ever Knows

We will show you the smart way to file bankruptcy here in America. Yes you can file and the very next day have credit and spending-cash in your pocket. You’ll even have control or use of most of your current assets!

You see, it’s all about how the game is played. And, until now, only the rich and powerful were privvy to these kinds of strategies. Our manual “How To Out-Swim The Sharks” shows you how to have all the same advantages in step-by-step detail!

Bankruptcy isn’t the taboo it used to be. But how you do it can have a huge effect on your quality of life afterward! You’ll see when to file and be prepared with exactly what to expect should you ever have to file. Plus, you’ll see how to file so few, if any, of your friends and associates know it was ever done.

Product Review by Tim Hoving

“…helped us raise $600,000 for our business in half the time”

Greg, I don’t think you emphasized this enough in the book cause I almost read right over it. We were going to sell stock to raise a new round of money, but instead I used that same strategy your friend did and was able to file it myself without a lawyer and get the money anyway without losing control of the company. God knows how much time we saved avoiding the legal runaround that usually goes with these things.

Why Incorporating Yourself Is Very Smart…But Do It Wrong, And You Could Lose BIG TIME Money

There are four major reasons to incorporate. They include taxes, liabilities, asset protection, and less accounting and paperwork. The trick is knowing where and how.

And no, it’s NOT Nevada. In fact, Nevada has now become one of the WORST places to incorporate… just ain’t what it used to be.

You will be shown in step-by-step detail the best, cheapest ways to go about setting up an air-tight corporate structure – regardless of where you are now. It’s all laid out for you in plain language. You’ll get everything you need to begin taking advantage of the huge tax and accounting savings most people never hear of.

How good is this? Well for one it’ll be a lot harder for the IRS to use their brute-force bully tactics on you. And because of a paperwork loophole, you can also set it up to where it’s difficult to find out who even owns your corporation!

PLUS… we have a very special strategy we use with corporations by adding one extra element to form a double layer of protection for your wealth that will make getting a single penny out of you feel worse than crawling over broken glass. (how would you like it if every time someone wanted to sue you, they had to pony up $20,000 just for the privilege to do so! Best of all, if they don’t have a good case, they lose their $20k AND their lawyer fees) OUCH!

The Ultimate Tax Shelter

In 20 minutes of easy reading, you will learn how to eliminate all state income taxes. Check your last year’s return. What does that amount to in a year for you? And if your company does a lot of marketing using the postal system, we can show you how to defer your corporate taxes indefinitely if you wish!

Thanks to stringent IRS rules and regulations, tax loopholes are almost a thing of the past. Yet there is one glaring loophole they haven’t changed. In fact, they can’t! And you can use it to your advantage!

Many have paid thousands to establish this shelter program, but you’ll learn how to do it yourself for around $250! You will learn how to write off country club memberships and travel – even how to set up a program for your kids’ education from money that otherwise would’ve gone to dear old Uncle Sam.

All of This Costs Less Than 15 Minutes With A Lawyer!

If you had to learn the hundreds of secrets and techniques in this manual the hard way, it would cost many thousands of dollars. We’ve already done that for you. Here’s your chance to get it all for $97 only $47 – less than 15 minutes of a “good” lawyer’s time.

The Black Book of ContractsWe guarantee this hardcore manual will shock you with its frank, hard-hitting information, but please you beyond your wildest imagination. This is one product far better than it’s advertising could ever hope to communicate.

As a special bonus, you’ll also get my infamous “Black Book of Contracts” – a 647-page collection containing 265 of the most ironclad, locked-down fill-in-the-blank business and personal contracts you’ll see anywhere. Remember when I said earlier that some lawyers like to leave out certain clauses so they can sue you later? Well, buddy, THESE contracts were put together with YOUR interests in mind!

Ultimate Cease and Desist LetterNOW INCLUDED in the Black Book, never before seen: By popular demand, my “Ultimate Cease And Desist Letter” that stops intellectual property thieves cold AND forces them to cough up a healthy chunk of change just for wasting your time! If you’re in any business that deals in intellectual property, these 2 typed pages can easily pay for your entire investment in this package many times over.

How To Outswim The Sharks audio setALSO INCLUDED in the Deluxe Package, you’ll get a complete audio set of my entire manual in mp3 format so you can absorb years of tips, tricks and strategies while driving in your car, out for a jog, or in between naps on the airplane.

You can’t find this level of protection from some “mass market” legal book at the local store. No, this is only something that is won through the blood, sweat, and tears of expensive court battles and high-priced lawyers. And I’ll hand over all of them to you with your order today.

Our Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
We are so confident of the merits of our new manual “How To Out-Swim The Sharks” that we offer it for a 100% money back guarantee. It simply says if you are not happy with our manual for any reason (or no reason at all) – at any time (no tricky time limitations, no partial refunds) – just ask for it nicely and we will refund you back every penny you paid within three business days. Easy as pie.

Our Ultimate Goal Is To Impress You With This Masterpiece – To Make You So Happy, You Get “Addicted” And Keep Coming Back To Us Over And Over For More

Get your fully mapped out battle plan of protection right now, start saving thousands of dollars and take back control of your life – starting TONIGHT!

Availability: YES, via instant download
Retail Price: $97
Your investment today: Only $47 for everything

The Complete How To Outswim The Sharks Package
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Your Friend,
Greg Thompson
P.S. My friend Casey called awhile back to ball me out, insisting I was a being a business IDIOT for offering this entire package for $47 bucks. And honestly, after his very thorough “scolding” I did feel pretty stupid for practically giving away all this information we’ve worked so hard to acquire. So here real soon, I’ll be raising the price back to its original $97… so if you want it, grab it now.

P.P.S. Just one idea, or one contract from these pages can save you many thousands of dollars, not to mention priceless time and headache. (Keep in mind too, your purchase is also fully tax-deductible – gotta take those writeoffs where ever we can get ‘em!)

Product Review by Brian Robertson

“…gave me the ammo I needed”

Greg, I really wanted to thank you for putting together this book. This stuff blew my mind, I couldn’t “put it down” ever since I got it… was up till like 4am Saturday morning before I finished. My favorite chapter was the deposition and how to stop a lawsuit dead cold. I may have jumped the gun on that one as I already told the prosecutor that I am unemployed and broke and surprisingly I have not heard back from him since then. The prosecutor is pissed but I couldn’t take their crap any longer and your manual gave me the ammo I needed to stand my ground. THANK YOU!

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