It’s NOT what you don’t know that can hurt you…
It’s what THEY know that can. Don’t let the Internet’s most
REVEALING REPORT fall into the hands of your enemies…

Right Now In There’s A Small Group Of Thieves Tracking Your Every Move, Waiting For The Perfect Time To Rob You Blind…”

From: Joe Decameron (International Privacy Expert)
Last Updated: (4 days ago)


You are being watched.

You are being monitored.

Notes are being taken on your every move.

If you do something… anything… they know about it.

And I’m not talking about the FBI or the CIA. I’m also not talking about viruses, scumware, keyloggers, or trojan horses hiding on your computer.

Imagine a large, dark van without any windows parked in the shadows down the street from your house right now… How would you feel if this van was listening every time you pick up the phone? Or if they bugged every room in your house monitoring every sound?

And what if they knew every time you leave and where you go?

Would this scare you?

Well, take a deep breath. Try to relax for a second.

I need to tell you something…

It’s much worse than this.

This is exactly what’s going on right now. Even at this very moment, they are documenting your every move… right under your unsuspecting nose. And they are doing it all legally, too.

I’m talking about your personal life. I’m talking about your private life. And I’m especially talking about your ability to make money.

Your life right here and now in 2009 is at risk. It’s in jeopardy — and that’s the honest truth. We’re talking about criminals who want to rob you. We’re talking about lawyers who want to sue you. We’re talking about the money you make to pay your bills, support your family and your lifestyle. This is serious stuff that can’t be taken lightly.

You need to read what I am about to tell you carefully. Very carefully. What you are about to discover can mean the “life or death” of your future here in America.

It all depends on what you plan to do about it.

If you go on running your life just like you do now, it is in serious danger — danger of losing your house, your car, your job. Possibly everything you hold dear.

But if you’re willing to read and fully grasp what I am about to tell you, you can use this revelation to your advantage and protect the fragile backbone of your life faster than any other single technique, trick or strategy.

Now, if you’re completely happy with what you pay Uncle Sam in taxes, happy with the debts you owe, happy with the amount of money you bring home every month, and you’re not at all bothered by the fact anyone can see the entire history of your life online, then PLEASE do yourself (and ME) a big favor…










What!? You’re still reading this?

Well, congratulations. You’re about to discover what 99.999% of the people in this country never will…

Right now there is a very small underground group of people watching and monitoring your every move. Everything you do to try and live out your days is being carefully analyzed.


Here’s just a small sample of the things they are monitoring…

  • Your Money – Every time you write a check or use a credit card, they know it. And if the receipt is at all descriptive as to what you bought, they know that too. They see who you owe money to and how much. Invest your money and they watch it – they even know exactly how much you make (or lose) on each investment.
  • Your Health – When you go to the doctor and fill out all that paperwork, they grab a copy of it. Then they match it up to find your medical records and bingo – in less than an hour, they’ve invaded your mind. They know what makes you tick. They know what makes you sick. They even got a list of diseases you fear the most.
  • Your HomeThey know when you’re not there. The moment you take a vacation, leave for work, or go out for a quick bite to eat – they’ve logged it. They know what properties you own and most likely how much you paid for them… within a couple thousand dollars.
  • Your Business – In a few clicks of a mouse they know how deep your pockets go. And if your business makes any decent money at all, they paint a target on YOUR back. You’re on their radar. Then it’s just a matter of time. Because the second you slip up just once, they’ll seize your equipment, bolt your doors, and freeze your bank accounts. Then like buzzards circling a carcass, they’ll pick your life apart piece by piece.
  • Your Wallet – If you were mugged tonight, what would they run off with? Some cash, sure, but what about your credit cards… your bank account debit card… your driver’s license… your insurance cards… your family photos… Armed with as little as your name and birthday, they can ruin your life overnight. Snap. Just like that. Wake up tomorrow morning and your world is changed forever. And if they have your SSN (Social Security Number), my god… you don’t even want to know what they can do with that.
  • Your Computer – They know exactly how to bypass your passwords and crack your hard drive encryption. They know how to recover and read your deleted e-mails, photos, and files. And thanks to something called “Van Eck radiation” that all computer screens release, anyone across the street in a van with the right equipment can see EXACTLY what you’re doing on your computer AS YOU DO IT.
  • Your Phone – Got an unlisted number? A cell phone? It doesn’t matter, because they can see it anyway. They know who you’ve called, when you called, where you called from, and the names and numbers of everybody in your address book. Hell, a few of them even have access to recordings of your entire conversation.
  • Your Mail – Every time you mail a letter, every time you get a package – it pops up on their screen like a little blip on a radar. They know where you sent it from, who you sent it to, and thanks to their little scanner gizmo they got a pretty darn good idea of what’s in it.
  • Your Friends – Your best friend accidentally blabs something you didn’t want others to know – they hear it. Your neighbors know stuff about you – they’ll discover it. And that goes double for that guy you see every day at work – he’ll rat you out in a second once they ask him the right questions.
  • Your Family – What if someone came to your house when you weren’t home, pretending to be a police officer – would your children know the difference? What if somebody called your mother claiming to be from the city morgue, and told her you “might’ve been in a car crash” – would she panic and tell them whatever they wanted to know? You don’t understand: these people will stop at nothing. They’ll say anything and pretend to be anyone to get what they want.

And here you thought it was YOUR life. That all the things you were doing were private and only you knew about them.

Now, this isn’t about doing anything illegal. In most cases, they are not doing anything a 13 year old kid couldn’t do. They are simply using totally legal online research tools (that anyone can use) as well as some software they have chugging away on their own computers.

Unfortunately, very little (if anything) about your current life is private. But don’t feel bad. They are not just spying on you. They are also watching others — millions and millions of others.

Underground Criminals, The Government, And Ordinary People
With WAY Too Much Time Are Watching Your Every Move.
They Know Your Weaknesses And How To Exploit Them…

So They Can Get Ahead In Life. (But Without Risk Or ‘Hard Work’)

These underground criminals are able to spot their targets using little-known but freely available and perfectly legal modern tools and research methods. They simply track your actions and jump in whenever you make a mistake. They also observe and make notes of the latest tricks and techniques others just like them are testing and figuring out.

They sit back and watch as you spend money, talk to your friends, and travel around.

These people have a major advantage for outright theft, as you can imagine. It’s almost unfair. And they do it day-after-day. Month-after-month. Year-after-year.

And these people aren’t just stealing identities or even money…

They are actively involved in striking deals with banks and credit card companies. They are making a fortune by selling your personal information to lawyers, creditors, marketers, and even the United States government. They’re cashing huge checks while you bust your butt working hard just to scrape by. And they even make fat profits by simply buying your info cheap and reselling it for a profit.

Now here’s a question for ya…

If you could buy someone’s personal information for $28 and quickly resell it for $200, how many times would you do it?

Well, that’s just one of the sleeze-ball operations these underground criminals take advantage of on a regular basis.

Now, you’re probably wondering how *I* know so much about these fly-under-the-radar masterminds. Well, I have a confession to make…

I am one of these people.

My name is Joe Decameron. And I know you’ve never heard of me. There’s a damn good reason for that, too. You see, for the past 17 years, I’ve laid low infiltrating the so-called “secret society” of men and women who control the flow of information around the world.

During that time, I went from learning how to exploit lives to using what I know to save them.

I’m the guy people call when they need to hide. I’m the guy who helps people in the witness protection program disappear. And in a world run by huge conglomerates who buy and sell puppet politicians like playthings, I’m one of the last chances left for the little guy to really get ahead in life.

It all starts with protecting your privacy.

I’ve spent over 17 years learning the tricks and strategies you MUST USE to protect your life from anyone who would want to do you harm.

No matter how you ended up on this page, I’m glad you’re here. Because you’re about to see how you can forever protect your life from greedy lawyers, nosy creditors, crazy ex’s, pushy salesmen, government goons like the IRS, and especially stalkers, con men, rapists, and thieves …all while living the happy, comfortable lifestyle YOU want.

An Insiders Peek Into Your Life
of Freedom, Privacy, And Peace of Mind

If you were to look in on my life, you’d see a successful business man, nicely dressed, driving a silver Corvette, escorting his girlfriend to a good restaurant for the evening. I don’t look like your typical “privacy expert”, and I don’t care.

However, peel back the outer veneer of nice clothes, house, and fancy car and you’ll see the man behind them fade away like a ghost in the night.

Go ahead:

  • Trace my car’s license plates – they’ll get you nowhere.
  • Tap my cell phone – have fun finding it registered to an alias linked to no contact info, no call logs, and no address book.
  • Raid my business – as you bust down the door and a janitor’s mop smacks you in the face, you’ll realize maybe you weren’t so hot on my trail after all.
  • Rob me at gunpoint – you’d maybe get a few bucks petty cash but ZERO information on who I was, where I live or what I do.

And as for my girl, you can grill her in a back room under a hot lamp ’till you’re blue in the face – she can’t tell you what she doesn’t know. She doesn’t have a clue there’s anything “private” about me. She has no idea there’s anything “different” about good ol’ Joe at all. (besides, Cecilia knows judo too, so I doubt you’d get very far with the whole “back room interrogation” thing anyway)

A few of my examples may sound extreme to some – but don’t be fooled. The ones who tell you there’s nothing to worry about are the same people who’ve lived sheltered lives, away from the dark shadows and back alleys of corrupt government and big business – never witness to the drooling greed of these information power brokers who play God with your private life every single day.

In the old days if someone wanted to rob a bank, they had to go in there with guns and stick ’em up. Nowadays all they gotta do is take YOUR info, rob someone else in YOUR name and when it’s all said and done, whose door do you think the cops are going to bust down??? YOURS.

While you sit hog-tied in the back of a squad car the real thief is anywhere from half a world away to right across town, laughing and spending the hard-earned money you’ll never get back.

All it takes is one identity ambush and your life is hosed.

The first rule is: “expect the best, but prepare for the worst.”
Because when crisis hits there’s only 2 kinds of people:
the quick and the dead.

You can be damn well sure I’m not gonna be among the dead. And if you follow my advice, I’ll never let it happen to you, either.

Listen: If you want to be forever free from government harassment, nosy bill collectors, greedy lawyers, crazy ex’s, and god only knows who else out there – then I have your ticket to a better life.

Because let me tell you, once you have that load taken PERMANENTLY off your mind, life automatically starts to get better. You notice the small things at first – food tastes better, the air you breathe seems fresher. There’s even a little spring to your step when you walk outside every morning.

As the weak spots of your life disappear from the view of everyone who would do you harm, your safety and freedom locks securely into place, only growing stronger every year.

Welcome to my own private world of personal freedom and peace of mind. And starting tonight, it can be yours too.

The Perfect Privacy Solution manualI’ve crammed my entire 17 years experience into a complete package for you I call “The Perfect Privacy Solution: Your Guide To A Comfortable Lifestyle Off The Radar” and I’ve teamed up with my good friend Greg Thompson, owner of this website (The Legal Secrets Report) to deliver it to you privately and securely (he takes this stuff as seriously as I do.)

So what all do you get in The Perfect Privacy Solution package? Glad you asked.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Here’s just a small taste of all the cool stuff
I’ve put together for you based on my 17 years experience:

The Perfect Privacy Solution manual shows you in plain language and crystal clear step-by-step detail, things like:

  • the 8 simple steps to a private life [pages 27-29]
  • 6 quick questions that instantly let you know who to trust in a time of need (you’ll be shocked at how even some of your best friends will fail these simple “tests”) [pages 34-37]
  • the biggest mistake men make when dating a new woman [page 38]
  • how to get anyone you’re dating to reveal their true colors with this simple test [page 39]
  • 3 scare tactics private investigators use to trick your family and friends into betraying you (stop them cold with these 2 sentences) [page 41]
  • the 4 levels of privacy protection – all you have to do is pick the one that fits your life best and follow my step-by-step guide to make it happen [pages 42-43]
  • how banks are forced by the Department of Homeland Security to spy on their customers… and the one thing you absolutely MUST do to avoid being a victim [page 49]
  • 3 “magic numbers” that set off alarms at the FBI and DHS – your bank account is a ticking time bomb unless you do this [page 50]
  • how to buy anything online without leaving a trace [page 139]
  • a perfectly legal way to file your taxes so the IRS doesn’t have a clue about your business or personal life [pages 142-143]
  • did you know there are chemicals they spray on your mail to see what’s inside? ruin their day with this little trick [page 117]
  • how to get an anonymous cell phone that works anywhere in the world [pages 118-119]
  • the real way to browse the internet anonymously used by witness protection victims who don’t want to be tracked [page 141]
  • how “regular Joe’s” make themselves (and their businesses) lawsuit-proof (they can’t take what they can’t find – completely legal and best of all, it only costs a couple hundred bucks to do) [pages 98-100]
  • body language tricks used by President Obama that make others instantly like and believe you [pages 84-85]
  • easily dance around credit checks and background checks when you try to buy or rent a home [pages 87-88]
  • where to download free software that encrypts all your e-mail communication and private files [page 128]
  • the “computer idiots” method of protecting your computer from hackers (so simple, I even showed my mom how to do it) [pages 132-136]
  • 11 gaping holes you have in your life right now that leak your personal information to all the wrong people (I’ll tell you how to stop it in just a few days) [pages 10-18]
  • the 4 pieces of info you MUST change on your checks immediately [pages 55-56]
  • how lawyers snoop your MySpace, Facebook, even MSN and Yahoo Messenger looking for dirt to sell to employers and private investigators that can screw up your chances to get a job, buy a house, or do a business deal… I lay out everything you need to know to protect yourself from these information vultures [pages 23-26]
  • how to send e-mail anonymously (right now every e-mail you send out has a number anyone in-the-know can look up that tells what part of the city you sent it from) [page 134, 139]
  • why the shredder you’re using to cut up your private documents doesn’t work… and what to use instead [page 47]
  • how to fool drug dogs (you might not think this applies to you but considering 96% of ALL cash in the U.S. is laced with cocaine residue it comes in real handy when you want to stash money) [page 65]
  • do you cut up your credit card when they send you a new one? it doesn’t work – they can still steal your money and trash your identity. Here’s what to do instead [page 17, 47]
  • how computer thieves bypass your passwords – doing this keeps your data safe [page 135]
  • the conversation technique that bonds you to any group of people, even if their beliefs are the total opposite of yours [pages 25, 33]
  • the one type of package you should NEVER accept at the post office [page 110]
  • the nasty police trick that lets them search your home without a warrant – Here’s 4 things you should say to keep their nose out of your business [page 44]
  • how thieves bypass home burglar alarms (but you can easily stop them just by knowing what to look for) [pages 44-45]
  • why sending private packages FedEx could be the biggest mistake of your life [page 67]
  • the most dangerous food to order takeout (order this and you kiss all your privacy goodbye) [page 45]
  • how to use Allied, Bekins, Mayflower, Ryder, or Uhaul to move to a new city without leaving a trace [page 46]
  • 15 things you must ALWAYS shred before throwing away [pages 46-47]
  • 7 clever ways to set up fake, yet 100% legal “ghost addresses” to hide your real location [pages 70-73]
  • how to move and hide large wads of cash (hint: kick back and relax while Uncle Sam happily does your hard work for you – completely private and 100% protected) [page 66]
  • how to protect your cars, boat, home, business, and land from government seizure by using their own laws against them [pages 96-97]
  • why paying off a loan all at once can get you into hot water with the Feds… and what you should do instead [pages 51-52]
  • the ONLY way to open a private bank account in America – you’ll have access to all the money, they’ll have none of your personal info – completely legal [pages 53-56]
  • 2 techniques to sign your name that fools even experienced private investigators [pages 54-55, 94]
  • why you should NEVER use your driver’s license as identification – what to use instead that works even better [page 55]
  • got a safe deposit box at your bank? if the bank fails or you’re suspected of anything, they’ll take what’s inside and ask questions later – instead, use one of these [page 56]
  • how to choose the right bank to keep the number of databases you’re in to a minimum [pages 57-58]
  • what you MUST do immediately after opening a new bank account (or else your cover is blown) [page 57]
  • why you should never use the checks your bank gives you (instead, get some of these) [pages 55, 58]
  • how to cover your tracks by getting utilities in your landlord’s name [page 87]
  • easy living without a bank account (it’s not as tough as you think) [pages 58-59]
  • the hidden truth on how bank loans really work… and what to do to keep from getting scammed [pages 59-61]
  • 3 brilliant ways to hide cash in plain sight that no one will ever find [pages 61-64]
  • how muggers choose their victims (hint: the expression on your face makes you an easy target) and what to give them so they’ll run off and leave you alone [page 62]
  • how to respond to the 3 questions cops ask after they write you a ticket (what you say here can mean the difference between driving down the road in freedom or getting hauled off to the local jail…even if you didn’t do anything wrong) [page 65]
  • the private person’s 7 step guide to getting a United States Passport [pages 68-69]
  • how to get other businesses to accept mail on your behalf [page 73]
  • the 3 bits of personal information you must guard with you life [page 10]
  • the dead giveaway to look for on forms that tells you what information is really required and what you can leave blank [page 76]
  • how to get insurance without a social security number (SSN) [page 77]
  • 2 things you should never pay for with a check… ever [pages 14, 15, 83]
  • how to protect your personal data from the 3 big credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion (these information whores have years of facts, statistics… even rumors about you. They’ve embedded themselves into our society like ticks… but they’ll never know what hit ’em once you do this) [pages 88-93]
  • 2 ways to legally change your name (legal, requires no lawyer) [pages 94-95]
  • the ONLY 4 situations where you’re required to give your real name (all other times, use whatever you want) [page 95]
  • how to ensure custody of your children goes to who YOU want, should something ever happen to you (this safeguard keeps your kids out of government hands and into the arms of a trusted relative) [page 97]
  • how to sell your car and pay ZERO sales tax or transfer fees (this one alone saves you thousands) [page 101]
  • how to buy and license a car, completely untraceable [pages 103-105]
  • why you should never lend anyone money to buy a car (hint: lawyers use this trick to legally steal your life savings in court… and… force you to buy back your own car from the police) [page 105]
  • what they don’t tell you about P.O. boxes and unlisted numbers (they’re not what you think) [pages 107-108, 119]
  • how to send anonymous packages using a little-known loophole [page 114]
  • the inside scoop on Uncle Sam’s plans to spy on all U.S. Mail [page 115]
  • how to get a P.O. box (if you must) that’s not linked to your real name or address [pages 110-111]
  • how to disable cell phone GPS tracking to make private phone calls from anywhere [page 118]
  • how to receive calls from anyone without revealing your true location [page 118-119]
  • jam caller ID with this simple trick (takes seconds and works when calling any phone except for 911 and the police) [pages 124, 127]
  • where to make free anonymous long distance phone calls (strange but true – this company will happily let you use their phone for whatever you want) [page 125]
  • hidden dangers of calling 911 [page 126]
  • the 4 types of public phones you should NEVER use [page 126]
  • how to safely and securely clear your phone records [page 127]
  • protect your computer from leaking Van Eck radiation (all computer monitors release radio waves that can be read outside your house by anyone with the right equipment – here’s how to protect yourself from the FBI’s latest toys) [pages 141-142]
  • how sleazy data companies hack into your online phone records (protecting yourself from this takes about 7 minutes) [page 127]
  • where to get software that encrypts your voice for private phone calls over the internet (security so strong, a current CIA computer couldn’t crack it in a lifetime) [page 128]
  • permanently delete files from your computer (normally when you “delete” something, it’s still recoverable using the right software – but with this trick it’ll be gone and stay gone for good) [page 133]
  • how to make your laptop worthless to thieves (these 3 layers of protection I give you will keep out 99% of intruders) [page 135]
  • the Average Joe’s Guide to Quick ‘n Dirty File Encryption (cool little trick I’ve been using for years to hide important files that fools even the smartest snoop) [page 136]
  • why buying a used computer could get you arrested [page 138]
  • the secret technique used by federal agents to shield their cell phones from EMF radiation [page 142]
  • the one IRS form that will ruin your life if you sign it (employers and creditors love these, but don’t you dare do it – it’s completely legal to just throw it away) [page 143]
  • …and MUCH more…

You’ll also get:

Perfect Privacy Solution audio

Free Bonus #1. Complete mp3 audio of the manual so you can absorb years my hard-won tips, strategies and techniques while you drive, work out, or in between naps on the plane

Perfect Privacy Solution audio Interview

Free Bonus #2. Audio of a rare “insiders only” interview I recently did where my brain was picked for a full hour on issues like:

  • the exact details of how to hide your home address
  • why it’s a big mistake to use an unlisted phone number… and what to do instead
  • the private way to deal with banks, cash, and investments
  • how to save your life (and your money) from robbery
  • why P.O. boxes suck, and what you should be using instead
  • how to securely use the internet
  • the real lowdown on fake names, aliases, and name changes
  • the best opportunities to rake in cash while living a private lifestyle
  • how to hide your cars, house, boat, business, and land from lawyers, creditors and the government
  • making your license plates untraceable

This also comes with the Insiders Interview Reference Book containing complete typed transcripts of every question asked and every detailed answer I gave

37 point quick-start checklist

Free Bonus #3. The 37 Point Quick-Start Checklist To Instantly Privatize Your Life

Ultimate Privacy Mindmap Battle Plan

Free Bonus #4. Your Ultimate Privacy Mind-Map Battle Plan

The first ever of its kind, this meticulous mind-map charts out EXACTLY how every aspect of your life relates to the overall big picture of Perfect Privacy. If you’re a visual person, this will allow you to get a birds-eye view of how my entire system works in a single glance.

Developing Your Trusted Inner Circle of Friends Guidebook

Free Bonus #5. Bonus Guidebook: 10 Crucial Questions To Develop Your Trusted “Inner Circle” Of Friends

Knowing who you can trust is everything. Your friends mean well, but if it came down to the wire could they be bribed, bullied, or tricked by authority into betraying you? You’ll be shocked by how many friends fail the 10 simple tests in this revealing guidebook.

Your Trusted Inner Circle Mindmap BlueprintFree Bonus #6. Your Trusted Inner Circle Mind-Map Blueprint

Hundreds of people come and go in our lives every year. This gives you a “total picture” view into the world of people around you, allowing you to see in exact detail how your inner circle of trust comes together.

WARNING: What The Perfect Privacy Solution Is NOT:

#1. This is NOT anything illegal or risky – I’m not like that. There are some so-called “experts” out there who will want you to make up fake stories, disguise your voice with a foreign accent, and steal identities from dead orphans just to get ahead. This kind of information will get you cuffed and behind bars in no time flat. I figured out how to live a perfectly private lifestyle, but without taking unnecessary risks or getting tangled in a complex web of lies guaranteed to come back and bite my ass later. If you want to sleep peacefully at night, then my system is for you.

#2. This is NOT a system that forces you to lock yourself up in an RV out in the middle of nowhere, with your back against a wall, peeking out of closed curtains while snacking on microwaved pork and beans in a tin can – only for some hunter to discover your bleached bones clinging to an AK-47 several months down the line. Again, there are some privacy “experts” out there who will recommend you do exactly that. Not me. I’m all about dressing well, dating beautiful women, eating good food, and traveling the world. And yes, all of this AND your private lifestyle can be your reality too, once you follow my easy step-by-step plan.

This Will Either Make You Suicidal OR
A Richer, More Peaceful Life Than You Can Now Imagine

The enormity of all the money they can steal from you at any moment, the realization of giant opportunities squandered… the utter simplicity of this information… the step-by-step “to-do list” it lays out for you… it all may be too much for you to take. You may be depressed. You may go looking for a ledge. (Please, just have a drink. Calm down. Return it for refund. Forget it.)


You will be motivated like NEVER BEFORE IN YOUR LIFE by the epic opportunities lying right in front of you –

…to secure comfort and peace of mind once and for all from anyone who would wish you harm…

…to turn the tables on Big Brother using all the back-door loopholes that will now work FOR you instead of against…

…maybe even to reinvent your entire life for the better.

Yes. It will work. It works for me every day, it works for the ever-growing “insiders club” of those who have gotten The Perfect Privacy Solution in the past – and it will work for you, too. I know it will.

All of This For The Price of A Nice Dinner Out With A Few Friends

The first version of my Perfect Privacy Solution sold at $297 for the complete set. And for all the lives it saved, it was a bargain at that price.

However, you won’t have to pay that much – not by a longshot.

Since Greg here at the Legal Secrets Report helped me take my entire system and “digitize” it into electronic versions you can download instantly, that saves us printing, packaging, and shipping costs – plus a lot of personal hassle. That lets us then pass those savings on to you.

So that means YOU can get the whole package for less – much less.

For a one-time investment of $97 only $47, you’ll get all 8 components of The Perfect Privacy Solution system:

#1. The Perfect Privacy Solution manual
#2. Complete mp3 audios of the manual (because some people absorb better by listening)
#3. The full-hour Insiders Interview of me personally taking questions
#4. A reference book of the interview containing typed transcripts
#5. The 37 Point Quick-Start Checklist To Instantly Privatize Your Life (this one alone is worth GOLD)
#6. Your Ultimate Privacy Mind-Map Battle Plan
#7. 10 Crucial Questions To Develop Your Trusted “Inner Circle” Of Friends
#8. Your Trusted Inner Circle Mind-Map Blueprint

Look: this is wickedly clever, deep insider information based on 17 years of real life experience. You will not find this stuff or anything like it anywhere else on the internet.

Our Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
I’m so confident in “The Perfect Privacy Solution” that we offer it for a 100% money back guarantee. It simply says if you are not happy with our package for any reason (or no reason at all) – at any time (no tricky time limitations, no partial refunds) – just ask for it nicely and we will refund you back every penny you paid within three business days. Easy as pie.

Although it helps me to know, you do NOT need to give me a reason for the return. I will trust you to do the right thing, as I know Greg’s Legal Secrets Report subscribers are good, honest people.

The Ultimate Privacy Advantage
Is Waiting For You

After 17 years of infiltrating the global network of information power brokers, I believe The Perfect Privacy Solution gives you the ultimate edge in life right now… and with the governments of the world cracking down more and more on our freedoms every day – the ultimate advantage going forward into the future.

Your wait is over. The sooner you do this stuff, the better. Now your complete action plan is right here in full detail.

Getting the Perfect Privacy Solution is easy. All you have to do is click on the “Add To Cart” button below. Then you’ll be taken to the Legal Secrets Report online order page. And don’t worry, the LSR uses a private, 256-bit secure order page and never shares your information with anyone. That’s why I chose this site as the exclusive source for my information.

Availability: YES, via instant download
Retail Price: $97
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As always, we will NEVER sell, rent, or divulge your personal information to anyone for any reason.

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P.S. Remember, this is the same life-saving system thousands of others originally paid $297 for. Now we’re able to offer the digital version and pass the savings in printing, packing and shipping on to you. You’ll get everything you see above PLUS free updates as things change in the future. With this kind of personal life protection, it would take a top-notch private investigator over $250,000 to find you. That’s expensive enough to make almost anyone pull their hair out and give up.

P.P.S. To get The Perfect Privacy Solution instantly and in total secrecy, use a prepaid Visa or Mastercard. Or send a money order for $97 $47 made out to “Greg Thompson” using the address at the very bottom of this page. Be sure to put a note in with the money order that tells us where to send everything and include an e-mail address so we can contact you if there’s a problem. Thank you!

Product Review by (NAME WITHHELD)

“…probably saved my life”

I have had sadly some bad cases of Stalkers and psychotic nut cases. People writing me that we were “MEANT TO BE TOGETHER”, long voicemail messages at my office and a couple found my home phone number. Two guys showed up at my home!! That scared me bad. One guy started emailing me where I had been – that is when life got crazy. I had to go to the Police and it was messy. We changed all my addresses to my office. I stopped answering mail and had to post on my web site that I no longer did email and that fax was only way to contact me. But they just kept coming. Joe, your course gave me what I needed to know to protect myself when all else failed. FINALLY the harassment stopped. I think it’s fair to say your information probably saved my life. Thank you so much.

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