How To Remove Dangerous Software

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SpywareEven if you’re one of the most anal people in the world (like me, who likes to hear a satisfying “click” sound before considering a lock officially ‘locked’) sooner or later you’re bound to have at least several nasty little programs on your computer.

Some of these clever malware programs lie hidden, silently building up a collection of data on you that would make even your mother blush. Others are simply waiting for the right moment to strike… and when they choose, can unleash terrible destruction in milliseconds.

Keep your rig healthy by doing a comprehensive set of scans at least once every three months, because checking out the wrong websites, installing the wrong software, or opening the wrong e-mails can infect your computer (yes, even sometimes with so-called “reputable” companies like Sony.)

These electronic cooties can quickly drag down a PC’s performance and they can even allow thieves access to your personal data.

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