4 Steps To Eliminating Junk Mail

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junkCutting down on e-mail spam can be as simple as switching to a new e-mail address, using expendable “black hole” e-mail addresses when signing up on websites you don’t completely trust, or making sure your e-mail server is using Spam Assassin or some other whiz-bang spam killer.

But what about your physical home address?

Sure, you can make good use of P.O. boxes, CMRA’s, and even ghost addresses – but those strategies will only divert unwanted junk mail away from your main location. They won’t solve the large issue of getting the stuff in the first place.

That’s not to say I’m anti-direct mail. I’m not. In fact I like the pleasant surprise of getting an offer in the mail from time to time for something I’m interested in that I never would’ve known existed otherwise. And using targeted direct mail for your own business is just smart commerce.

But they keyword here is TARGETED. That means it’s something you’re going to be hot for the product before you even open the envelope. The problem is, most marketers don’t know the meaning of the word, and that’s why we’re harassed every day with a glut of “pre-approved” credit card offers and a slew of miscellaneous crap.

So here are 4 easy steps you can take to cut down on unwanted junk mail by at least 90%

What are they? Click Here to Read On… »

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12 Steps To Remove Your Name & Address From The Internet

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eraseArmed only with your name, or address, or phone number it’s simple for anyone to do a few internet searches to discover your full legal name, full birth date, info on family members, and a complete history of everywhere you’ve lived.

Protecting your privacy from the likes of top-notch private investigators and government officials is an art and a science. Though it can be comforting to have, most people do not need this level of protection.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace have privacy controls, allowing you to choose which people on your friends list can see more intimate details like your address and phone number. And most other types of online profiles also let you cherry pick what information to share.

Personally I don’t think it’s wise to post much, if any, personal details to these sites and if you’re really serious you shouldn’t even have accounts there at all. I deleted mine over a year ago. For keeping in touch with friends, I’ll take e-mail or good ol’ fashioned face-to-face any day.

But these sites aren’t what you should worry about anyway. You could delete all your online profiles today, and there would STILL be mountains of data on you lurking around everywhere.

Because most often, the security breaches in your everyday life come from the sources you’d least expect.

12 little-known privacy leaks and how to fix them… Click Here to Read On… »

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Nevada Corporations: Myth vs Reality

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nevadaYou may have heard a lot about Nevada billed as the ultimate solution for incorporation. In theory, it sounds great – asset protection, privacy protection, and tax benefits all rolled into one.

Unfortunately, most of the people still pushing this concept either have outdated information or are trying to con you out of some extra fees.

In recent years, the state has taken quite a beating. It’s not the do-all end-all it once was.

Usually when people want to form a Nevada corporation, they’re after these benefits:

1. To save on state income taxes, and/or
2. To conceal ownership of the company

Sometimes people also say they want their Nevada corporation because of the state’s excellent entity laws or they want to utilize what’s called a “series LLC.”

On the surface these sound like great reasons, but the reality reveals a dangerous half-truth. To really understand if a Nevada corporation is right for you, we need to look at each of the benefits in more detail.

What’s the real lowdown? Click here to Read On… »

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Why Asset Protection Alone Isn’t Enough

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safeTo protect your wealth you might think all you need to sleep well at night is a few corporate structures, some offshore investments, and a crackerjack lawyer to dance past anybody who tries to sue you.

Hell, even the SOUND of it all makes me feel all “cool” and secure.

It’s easy to think that just having all your T’s crossed and I’s dotted will let you walk away scot-free from any cash-hungry bastard who tries to drag you into court.

But you know what? You’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

I’ve been there. And lemme tell you… this whole thing lawyers wrap up and sell as “asset protection” is only made to sound like the easy way out. And if you’ve had any success in business (of course you have, you’re a subscriber to my newsletter aren’t you?) you know that anything that seems “too easy” is often a trap in disguise.

So what’s the problem? Click here to Read On… »

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3 Clever Identity Theft E-mail Tricks

id1Identity theft scammers get more and move clever every year. What used to be obviously fake e-mails and laughably bogus questions from prospective “customers” have now evolved into devilishly sneaky methods to harvest your personal information and tap your bank account.

Unlike the exotic romanticism of so-called “hackers” portrayed in movies, most of the online scams rely on posing as a trusted figure of authority who gets you to spill your own beans by asking a few simple questions. They call this human, or “social engineering.”

The solution here is NOT to stop using online services like Craigslist, Paypal, and eBay… but rather to look out for a few simple tell-tale signs that something’s not quite right.

In poker, professional gamblers are always on the prowl for “tells” – subtle indicators of true intention from the lesser mortals surrounding the table. To successfully do business online with safety and security, you too must become one of the pros.

It’s not hard. In fact, it’s really quite easy once you know what to look for.

3 of the most clever scams and how to avoid them… Click to Read On »

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