How To Bypass Customer Service Peons

phoneserviceIf you’ve ever been trapped on a customer service phone call with a rep who couldn’t help himself out of a paper bag, then your salvation is only as far away as The Legal Secrets Report.

After surviving countless calls into the endless labyrinth of “voice mail hell” and waiting 45 minutes to talk to a real person you feel like you deserve at least some restitution.

But since most business’ customer service calls are handled by low-level employee peons, or worse, outsourced to some bargain basement in India, they simply don’t have the power (much less the motivation) to provide any meaningful assistance.

This is where the Executive Customer Service Staff comes into play. What most people don’t realize is a lot of companies have a higher, “Rolls-Royce” level of elite customer service ninjas ready, willing and able to cut through all the bullshit red tape – straight to direct action.

Oftentimes, getting to these people is simply a matter of knowing what to say and who to say it to.

Step #1. Find The Corporate Office

For public companies, this is as simple as entering their stock ticker symbol into Yahoo or Google Finance. That’ll pull up the company’s profile page and the corporate office address and phone shouldn’t be too far away.

For private companies, you might have to do a little Google digging if their main phone isn’t somewhere on the company website. If Google brings up nil, the next easiest way to do this is with a Whois search on their domain name, which will frequently reveal all you need to know. There are ways to mask Whois information using a 3rd party agent, so if they’ve done this you’ll need to do a public records search in their state of incorporation.

And if you still hit a dry well after all that, then the company you’re dealing with is either a scam, or they’ve hidden themselves using Joe Decameron’s Perfect Privacy Solution.

Step #2. Call The Corporate Office

Ask to be transferred to the office of the CEO, his/her assistant, or some other top brass. For added clout, reference the person by name.

The operator will likely transfer you over to some lower-level executive assistant – but that’s good. It’s precisely what we wanted. You could get voicemail or a live person, that doesn’t really matter. The point is to leave a message with exec about the facts of your case. Don’t ramble, and especially don’t sound angry – even if you’re bubbling with rage. Include any order numbers, confirmation numbers and any other specific details that could be useful.

Step #3. The Call Back

Within a day or so, you’ll get a call back from the few, the proud, The Executive Service Team.

Fill them in on the facts of your case because they might not have gotten the full story from our mid-level up-and-comer. Take down the contact information of whoever you’re speaking with because they have now become your direct lifeline to the holy grail of help.

If they can’t help you, no one can. Using these methods will often get a problem solved in 2 or 3 days – one that could’ve normally taken a month or more.

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