Frequently Asked Questions

As you can imagine, we get a ton of e-mail from subscribers – especially now, with times getting tougher and more of us grasping for the true insider scoop on getting more from life and protecting what we’ve all worked so hard to build. And since many ask similar questions, I’m hoping this “FAQ” list will save us both a lot of time.

So here goes …

Q: “What’s The Legal Secrets Report all about?”

A: It’s about you: Your life, your company’s growth, achieving your dreams and making sure no one else comes along to mess everything up.

I created The Legal Secrets Report newsletter in 2006 as a way to share the life-changing protection and money-getting strategies I’ve learned from interviewing and working with some of the most successful “behind the scenes” business men and women alive today.

Most of the services we offer – my e-newsletter and many tools on this website, for example – are yours without cost.

Q: “Why not just GIVE EVERYTHING away?”

A: Sure, I could do that – IF the vision for this project ended at just publishing an online newsletter. That’s only the beginning, because I can help you out in far greater ways.

My goal is to offer you the Web’s #1 source of hard-nosed, straight-from-the-gut info you can’t find ANYWHERE else… based on the REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE of those who have gone before us. That means we need a whole team of people to help create content, build web pages, proofread, set up our teleseminars, webinars, duplicate our CDs and DVDs, pack and ship stuff, answer the phones, answer your e-mails and to let other people just like you know we exist.

Now, this shocks some folks – but employees, it turns out, tend to be addicted to eating. Most also prefer to wear clothes and to work and sleep indoors. And some actually have cars and insist on putting gas in them – high prices be damned.

Since all of this costs money, the people who do all this work for us have asked that we pay them. Frequently. In actual U.S. dollars.

A good 98% of my newsletter is pure hardcore info straight from the gut—quality that most people make you pay for. And my lovely Russian girlfriend loves it that I’m helping people. However, she draws the line at depleting her “meal ticket” to do so.

I ask you: Have you ever seen a Russian woman with an ex-KGB father “draw the line?” Let me tell you: It’s scary stuff. Definitely not for lightweights.

Not even I have the titanium-balls required to announce we’re hocking the family jewels to build my newsletter. So in addition to all the great free stuff you’ll get, I also offer an assortment of more advanced tools at reasonable prices.

So from time to time yes I do put a link in my newsletter to one of my products that may be relevant to you. And if you are offended by someone who feels he should occasionally get paid for prividing exceptional value and customer service, then please do not subscribe.

Nevertheless, you can still enjoy The Legal Secrets Report without getting your panties in a knot. We try to make everything – even our advertising – fun, educational, and exciting!

Hey, life’s too short not to have some fun.

Q: “What’s your privacy policy?”

A: We’re as tight as a drum. You have my sacred vow that I will never, ever divulge your e-mail address or any other personal factoid to a single soul.

If anyone on my staff or at our e-mail newsletter provider ever violates that trust, I promise to personally pull a “Rasputin” on them: They’ll be shot, stabbed, poisoned and drowned. Survivors will be prosecuted.

Q: “What’s your position on Spam?”

A: Never done it, never will.

Do I WISH I could blast subscription invitations to all 25 million small business owners in America – plus millions more overseas – just to let them know we’re here?

Heck yeah!

But that wouldn’t be right, and so we don’t. And won’t.

You can rest assured that everyone who hears from us has explicitly ASKED to receive our e-newsletters and alerts.

What’s more, anyone who clicks the “unsubscribe” link (it’s at the bottom of each e-mail … each issue) is instantly and permanently obliterated from our files.

Click that little bugger just once, and we couldn’t contact you if you held a gun to our heads.

Oh – and speaking of spam: If you do want to make sure our stuff gets through to you, be sure to add us to your “trusted sender” list or your Contacts list. I’ve made a special page that tells you how to whitelist The Legal Secrets Report for whatever e-mail service you’re using. You should be able to do it in just a few clicks.

Q: “How will issues of The Legal Secrets Report be delivered to me?”

A: Via e-mail. I’ll drop an e-mail into your inbox every few days or sometimes once per week. That e-mail will always be from me, “Greg Thompson” and will usually have a clever little line for the subject. You can’t miss it. Just open the message up and you’ll instantly be reading about the latest treasures, discoveries, and sometimes downright dirty tricks that can benefit your life in more ways than you dreamed possible.

Q: “What is your policy on returns and refunds?”

A: Some of my newsletters and ads may talk tough, but you should know that I always have, and always will run my businesses based on treating people with fairness and kindess; the same way I’d want to be treated if our roles were reversed. If someone is legitimately unhappy with their purchase, I will do my best to help resolve the issue. If a refund is asked for (especially if asked nicely), I will make sure it is credited back to your account in a reasonable period of time. While that works fine for most folks, unfortunately there are some “bad eggs” out there who like to abuse statements like that. Don’t you be one of those people. If you’re unhappy, tell me why so I can fix it. If you want a free ride on the back of another person’s hard work, please do not bother ordering from me in the first place.

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