Dear Valued Guest

My name is Greg Thompson and I am the main guy who runs the website you are now looking at; The Legal Secrets Report.

I’ve spent the last several years talking with some of the most successful, sneaky, and clever men and women in the world (many of whom wish to remain anonymous for good reason) to find out the tricks and tactics they use to help them get whatever they want in life… money, power, status, protection…

…and then helping people like you do the same.

A little-known fact about me is I attended law school. Because I had no intention of ever becoming an attorney, I never graduated with a degree. I just wanted to know the true ins-and-outs of litigation so I could keep myself from being financially sodomized by dirt-bag attorneys and other people. And… even though I’m not a lawyer… I’ve been nicknamed among my colleagues as…

“The Loophole Lawyer”

…not because I’m a pain in the ass to deal with (you’ll see I’m actually a very friendly guy once you get to know me in my newsletter) but because I really do know what I’m talking about.

You know what I would do if you sued me for a lot of money? I’d probably not even show up for any of the hearings. That means an automatic Judgment would be awarded in your favor. At that point, you would be free to take every action provided by law for you to collect on the Judgment you had against me.

After you spent a considerable amount of your time and money trying to collect from me (while I, on the other hand, spent my time working on my tan and laughing at your efforts) you would sooner or later discover you had embarked on an utterly useless endeavor.

I say this not to brag, but to clearly illustrate a point of just how incredibly useful and helpful my website, my free newsletter, and my products can be for you. In fact, the whole point of why I started this site to begin with is to help put the power back in YOUR hands, and away from government, lawyers, and scammers as much as possible.

Make no mistake about it: I’ve been ripped off by unethical business men, knocked off by cheap imitators, and flat out CONNED by just about every type of scum there is out there… relentless debt collectors, greedy landlords, IRS crooks and other hired goverment goons… even a ravenous ex-spouse… and guess what?


I survived. I’m still here. And now I’m spilling my guts to YOU. I’ve learned more about the REAL “legal loopholes” of life you’ve got to know to get ahead in today’s world than most $200 an hour attorneys after a lifetime of practice and other kinds of so-called “guru’s” out there (in their cushy jobs, they’ve never had to fend for themselves.) And I’ve discovered a lot over the past 7 years that can help just about anyone realize true financial independence and (most importantly) freedom!

The American Dream ain’t dead, you just have to learn a few more “ninja moves” these days to get it!

The Hidden “X Factor” Of The Law Hardly Anyone Talks About…
Because So Few People Understand It

You see, here in America (and in the world) there are literally hundreds of little-known, perfectly legal tricks you can use to help you get almost anything you want out of life. You’ve just got to know what you want and HOW TO DO IT! The problem is, lawyers rake you over the coals for a fortune and the vast majority of them don’t even know a tenth of the possibilities readily available to ordinary Americans like you and me!

Think of it like this: when most people out there see a problem, they see every solution as being a nail – because all they have with them is a hammer. But what I’m here to do is give you a complete TOOLBOX of “secret weapons” you can use whenever you like.

So, there you have it. I’ve laid it all out on the table for you right here. You’re free to check out my site, subscribe to my free e-mail newsletter (lots of juicy stuff you’ll get there) … and… should you ever feel like one of the products I have available would be something you’d like to try out, be my guest. If not, that’s okay too; we’ll still be friends and I’ll still deliver the same power-packed content to you I’ve grown somewhat well known for.

Oh! By the way, my little publishing company, Grinc, Inc. is located at the address at the very bottom of every page of this website. My phone number is down there too, in case you ever need to call me with a question. You can call my office any time Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. If the line is busy and you get the machine, just leave a detailed message and I’ll call you back whenever I’m finished helping the other customer.

Thank you very much for supporting my website,

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